Type – Stick or ground spice.

Characteristics – Aromatic bark from cinnamon or cassia tree with a reddish brown colour. A native of India.

Used in – Preserves, stewed fruits, bread, pastries, desserts, ham, hot beverages.

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Cinnamon Spice

Product Details
Ingredient Declaration Cinnamon
Flavor And Odour Typical, Sweetish, aromatic-burning
Appearance Powder
Particle Size
Color beige, light brown to brown
Total Ash % 7,0


The cinnamon spice used in many different lifestyles as a flavoring in salty and delightful foods, as available , including several species , such as cinnamon gonorrhoeae or Ceylon Cinnamon, which has its own form and tone of light, cinnamon Cassia that It is one of the most popular types of cinnamon, and at the present time, some introductory studies designate that cinnamon may help stimulate menstruation in ladies who suffer from unusual periods.

Benifits of Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Liver damage:

Cinnamon is a valuable source of coumarin, which extends from 7-18 milligrams per spoon of cinnamon, so one tablespoon is sufficient for the entire day, as excessive doses lead to damage also damage to liver function.

Increase your chances of getting cancer:

Studies have shown that consuming trial mice a large number of coumarin found in cinnamon enhanced their chances of growing cancer, especially lung, liver also kidney cancer, as it causes DNA damage over time.

Mouth ulcers:

Mouth ulcers seem when eating excessively meals that contain cinnamon, as they hold cinnamon aldehyde, which effects sensitivity when getting a large number of it, onward with some other difficulties in the mouth such as: swelling of the tongue or gums, burning or itching, also the presence of spots white on the mouth;

Low blood sugar:

Eating an appropriate amount of cinnamon supports lower blood sugar, but extreme consumption can cause a significant drop in blood sugar, and this situation is called “hypoglycemia”, and leads to fatigue and dizziness.

Breathing problems:

Eating a large amount of cinnamon effects breathing problems, and some symptoms arise, such as coughing and difficulty in inhaling and exhaling. The cinnamon aldehyde mixture also irritates the throat.

It interacts with certain medications:

Eating a large amount of cinnamon can communicate with taking certain medications, such as medications for diabetes, heart disease, or liver disease, causing some side effects. For example, eating a large number of coumarin found in cinnamon can command to liver poisoning or damage, Especially when communicating with some other medicines.


The allowable dose of cinnamon

It is recommended to have cinnamon daily, with a maximum of 5 grams only, at the general level, and it is recommended to consult a doctor, in order to prevent harm to the patient. As for the period granted to be taken, it does not exceed two weeks in the case of eating it, for the purpose of treating a specific disease. As for the best way to take it, it is either Steamed on water or added to foods, like other types of spices.

Best for Skin Problems

Cinnamon is an excellent ingredient to deal with skin problems and fight some skin disorders such as eczema and acne and reduce irritation and itching that affect sensitive skin, but its advantages do not stop there. Cinnamon has features that work to fight the signs of aging, such as folds and its factors of loss of collagen, because it contains It contains an essential component in the method of collagen reproduction, which is cinnamaldehyde, according to a research handled by researchers

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