Dear Site Visitors, Customers, and Members,, in the capacity of “Data Supervisor” within the scope of our practices regarding the processing of your data and Personal Data Protection Law, we would like to inform you about the data we process.

Visit Majestictrading stores (“Stores”), shop at the Stores, or Become a member/Supplier of our Majestictrading. If you visit the website (“Site”) that you download to your mobile phone, you shop from the Site or send the shopping made by third parties or the Site Become a member.

You agree to receive general and personalized campaign information through commercial communication channels, Communicating mutually through communication channels,

You may contact Majestictrading regarding corporate sales processes and/or make purchases or receive gifts, products, etc., regarding corporate sales processes. Sending,

Participating in campaigns, contests, sweepstakes, and other events organized by Majestictrading,

There is an illumination text regarding the use of your data. Cookies etc., in the Site and Mobile Application. Programs are used.

Performing the shopping process, distinguishing your records from our systems from the records of other customers, enabling you to benefit from post-sales operational transactions (modification, shoeshine, change, return, product inspection, home delivery, etc.) without submitting invoices/receipts, and to be able to fulfill these operational transactions, Your identity (name and surname) and contact information (e-mail address, phone number) and shopping (date of purchase, amount, shopping content, to send the e-invoice / e-archive invoice related to your shopping to you, supply the products not available in our stores and delivering them directly to you, method of payment and payment details),

If you do your shopping at our airport store (s), in addition to these, your passport number, nationality, date of birth, gender, flight information, to fulfill our legal obligations,

If necessary, your bank account information so that the refund can be made to your bank account in return processes,

Your identity, contact, and invoice information, as well as some additional invoice information if you are a taxpayer (TR identity/tax number, personal company information) to issue invoices and, in some cases, to carry out the current account and reconciliation transactions,

If you want to make your payment by credit card, your credit card information (credit card information is transferred to the payment institution without recording by us) to receive the payment.

If you want to make your payment by mail order, your name, surname, credit card information, phone number, product information, order amount, signature and identity card, front side photo information,

If you want to receive the orders you have placed from the Site with the Click & Gel system, your identity (name and surname) and contact information (phone number, address) and shopping (shopping date, amount, shopping content, order delivery date) we process your information.