These main terms and conditions apply to the ordering of goods and services from the namglobal range on These terms and conditions do not apply to the download of digital content from

Third-party providers can offer goods and services on the Namglobal marketplace, which MMS E-Commerce GmbH does not operate. These terms and conditions do not apply in the relationship between customers and third-party providers. When ordering from third-party providers, a contract is concluded directly between the customer and the third-party provider under the terms and conditions that apply between them. Offers from third-party providers are specially marked on the offer page.

Conclusion of the contract

(1) The delivery area is UAE and the rest of the world.
(2) By clicking on the “Continue and Pay” button, the customer submits a binding offer to purchase the goods in the shopping cart and agrees to the validity of these general terms and conditions. Offers from third-party providers are subject to the agreements with the respective third-party provider.
(3) When ordering goods from the photo service, the customer gives Namglobal the order to produce images or articles with images (“photo products”) by sending image files.
(4) The order confirmation, which is automatically sent after the order has been sent, confirms the content and receipt of the customer’s order at Namglobal, but does not yet represent acceptance of the customer’s offer. A contract with Namglobal is only concluded with Namglobal’s declaration of acceptance; a separate e-mail (order confirmation or dispatch confirmation) is sent, at the latest, however, when the order placed with Namglobal is dispatched.
(5) Namglobal will declare acceptance by sending a shipping confirmation or shipping the goods within five working days of receipt of the customer’s order. Namglobal does not submit a declaration of acceptance within this period, Namglobal did not accept the customer’s order.
(6) If the customer also purchases a mobile phone contract together with a mobile phone, the purchase contract for the mobile phone with Namglobal is concluded subject to the condition precedent that the mobile phone contract is concluded with the mobile phone provider. If the mobile phone contract is not concluded and the customer already has the mobile phone in his possession, the customer is
obliged to return the mobile phone immediately.

Availability of goods

If the goods ordered from Namglobal are not available at the time of the order, Namglobal reserves the right not to accept the order of the goods so that no contract is concluded. The customer will be informed of this.